No politics. No drama. Just experience.

No Politics

I am running for the position of county District Attorney, and I am not motivated by political considerations.

Every citizen in the county has the right to choose who should be the district attorney, and the selected candidate should represent the majority of Douglas County voters. I'm running to ensure that the election process is fair and that no citizens are disenfranchised. Otherwise, the 2024 district attorney's race would have been decided by a minority of voters at an August primary.

As a professional prosecutor, I firmly believe that political ideology should not influence the functioning of the District Attorney's Office. My job will be to effectively and uniformly enforce the law and protect the public. I am neither a binary-minded, "law and order" candidate nor overly progressive and reform-minded. I believe in prosecutorial discretion, offender restoration, and alternatives, but such programs will only function effectively when prosecutorial competency exists in Douglas County.

My campaign is based solely on my prosecutorial experience and desire to improve the office. I have been a resident of Douglas County for 34 years, and I am committed to seeing a well-functioning, effective District Attorney's Office. I am not beholden to any political interests and will work to ensure that justice is served fairly and equally for all citizens.

No Drama

I am running for the position of District Attorney to improve relationships between the police, judges, victims, local attorneys, and the public.

I aim to improve the public perception of the District Attorney's Office by addressing personal conflicts, complaints, inadequate communication, and poor performance. An experienced and mature prosecutor is necessary to achieve these goals.

My office will work professionally and cooperatively with all criminal justice system members. I will direct and manage the office as a prosecutorial professional. Leadership will not be ego or personality-driven. I have also opposed prosecutorial misconduct and overreaching in the past, and I will not tolerate it if I am elected.

I can immediately begin work as a District Attorney, given no current private practice or conflicts with past clients.

Just Experience

I have nearly 30 years of experience as a state and federal prosecutor.

I have worked with all major state and federal law enforcement agencies in Kansas and Missouri. As a state prosecutor, I have worked in one smaller and three urban Kansas counties. I worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Western District of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, and the District of Kansas, including Kansas City, Kansas, Topeka, and Wichita.

I have experience prosecuting all forms and types of state and federal crimes including homicides. I have lengthy jury trial experience. I know how to work cooperatively with law enforcement, judges, victims, and the public.

I also believe in working professionally and effectively with defense attorneys. I know what it is like to be a criminal defense attorney. I was a private attorney early in my career and for several years later in Lawrence, Kansas.

My experience is currently very necessary to repair relationships with law enforcement, courts, victims, and defense counsel. The public will benefit from having a prosecutorial professional as a District Attorney.

Watch the Interview

I appeared on the Lawrence Beat Podcast on July 3 to talk about the state of the DA’s office and what can be done.

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